Black Swan LLC

Black Swan provides “intellectual” venture capital to early stage companies seeking either to overcome political or regulatory barriers to their business or to tap into federal assistance to propel the company forward. Black Swan has an extensive network of contacts in key agencies and on Capitol Hill and deep knowledge of federal programs and the legislative process that can be mobilized to solve the unique problems of early stage companies. Additionally, Black Swan has a vast network of private sector contacts ranging from Fortune 500 companies to major trade associations that it leverages for IVC partners. Black Swan typically provides these services as an equity partner to its clients in lieu of fees or billable hours.

Black Swan has assisted its intellectual venture capital clients in the following ways:

  • Identifying government grants and loan guarantees for early stage activities
  • Successfully achieving legislative change to an existing federal grant/loan program to allow client to qualify for funding
  • Preparing federal grant/loan applications
  • Assisting in removing trade barriers to foreign company’s access to U.S. market.
  • Assisting U.S. companies in accessing foreign markets.
  • Finding private funding sources for early stage activities and expansion
  • Developing a customer base for new services
  • Identifying business partners to assist in funding and developing emerging technologies
  • Designing and providing advice on funding and new customer presentations
  • Designing and providing advice on business plans
  • Developing new markets, particularly in the government sector, for products

Examples of Client Work

Elio Motors: Elio has produced an ultra fuel efficient, 3-wheeled, 2 passenger automobile. Black Swan successfully lobbied Congress to change the requirements for the alternative motor vehicles program in the Department of Energy so that Elio would qualify for a federal loan. Black Swan led the team that recently completed and submitted Elio’s loan application. Black Swan has also leveraged its private sector relationships to introduce Elio to major banks with the prospect of ultimately offering an affinity credit card.

Global Diversity Consulting Group: Global Diversity contracts directly with Fortune 500 companies to provide back office solutions for first-pass legal research and document review in multimillion dollar legal cases. Black Swan provides introductions and sales opportunities to Global Diversity by leveraging our extensive relationships with blue chip companies. Black Swan successfully procured an offer sheet from a major trade association to supply services to the Associations members.

Epigee Technology: Epigee has developed the next generation design process for LED displays. Black Swan is working with Epigee to identify public sector programs that provide early stage funding for the development of the technology. Additionally, Black Swan arranged a meeting for Epigee with senior executives of a major manufacturing company that could utilize the technology. As foreign based firms approached Epigee, Black Swan has used its many years of international experience to counsel the client in its discussions. Currently, Black Swan is assisting Epigee in negotiating with a manufacturer that is interested in funding the project.